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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

ARCA makes no claims, guarantees, warranties, or promises on behalf of any Manufacturer, Brand, Company or Distributor. ARCA may not be an authorized distributor of any products ARCA carries, sells, stocks, ships, or transfers possession of.

All items purchased for install, resale or for any other reason are purchased solely at the buyer’s risk. ARCA’s “In-House” Warranty is limited to the cost or replacement of the item in question in the event that the item does not work properly. ARCA does not offer compensation for any damage, injury or death in the event of misuse or improper installation of the sold item. It is the buyer’s responsibility to test any item purchased from ARCA before install or use. ARCA accepts no responsibility for damage, injury or death caused directly or indirectly by an item we sell. ARCA does not make claims on behalf of the safety implications associated with any item ARCA sells. It is the buyers responsibility to properly ensure the safety of any item ARCA sells before install or use.

Any claims relating to an alleged defect of the products or in relation with the delivery of the products have to be made by the customer in writing within 14 days upon receipt of the products. Returns must be authorized beforehand by ARCA, exchanged at ARCA's sole discretion and product availability.

All orders placed are firm and definitive. They may be cancelled or modified at the customer's request, subject to ARCA's express consent. In case of modification: any modification may increase the cost of the order, which shall be notified to the customer for acceptance, and / or may cause delays for the respective order. Returns not relating to an alleged defect or delivery may incur a 10% restocking fee at ARCA's discretion.

Unless expressly otherwise agreed on in writing, all payment shall be made prior to shipment. Transport damages must be immediately reported by the recipient of the products to the carrier in writing, with a copy to ARCA.

Any engagement with ARCA including, but not limited to; purchase, sale, consignment or transfer of property certifies that you have read, and agree to, our disclaimer.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help.

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